First Purpose-Built, Soundproof and Weather Protected Underground Electronic Music Indoor Nightclub in Zanzibar, Paje.Open until 10 am all night long - before Sunset, through Moonrise, till Sunrise!Come and dance on our wooden floor, experience the magic while the waves hitting the windows and enjoy the best Soundsystem of the Island.

For opening days and hours please check our Instagram page @whynot.club.zanzibar

Boutique Electronic Music Club.

All tribes together. The line-up will include Friends and Family, with different music styles, but always a good vibe!WE ARE OPENWhy Not is the first Nightclub in Zanzibar with soundproofing, to protect nature and neighbors. Weatherproof, to protect from rain and sun. With a rooftop with 360 panoramic jungle and ocean view. A TSI “The Sound Ibiza” Soundsystem. 160 m² indoor club and private area. 160 m² rooftop terrace.Open before sunset, through moonrise, till sunrise!UPDATES
Please check @whynot.club.zanzibar on Instagram or subscribe with Email or Mobile here: www.whynot.club


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We are looking for Investors into Why Not Club Zanzibar.

We spent 150,000 USD to create a unique nightclub, soundproof, air-conditioned, directly at the beach with the waves hitting the windows.Now we are looking for an investment to extend the club, and create artist residences, from in between 50,000 to 200,000 USD.

We archived the first milestone and the club is up- and running and attracts people and artists from all over the world. It is a unique place, with a unique sound system, location, and vibe. To extend the club, build a music studio and artist residence for DJs and producers, WHY NOT is seeking investments into WHY NOT COMPANY LIMITED.The current shareholders are two parties, a local from Zanzibar, and a collective from Berlin and Ibiza.It is organized in a limited local Tanzanian company on Zanzibar called WHY NOT COMPANY LIMITED. Shareholders are:

Presentation from the place before the opening (November 8th, 2022).

If you are interested to invest, please fill out the form, we will get back to you. You can also contact Emin Mahrt via +491701667348 or emin@emin.de or www.instagram.com/emino